EEC Board Votes to Distribute FY ’17 Rate Reserve

At their September meeting, the EEC Board formally voted to distribute a $12.5 Million rate reserve (3.5%).  Throughout the first half of the year, MADCA led an effort to secure funding for the early education & after school program workforce.  This effort resulted in the Legislature passing the largest rate reserve since 2004 and subsequently overriding the Governor’s veto of the funding.   At the board meeting, Association Executive Director William Eddy testified, reminding the board of the need to move quickly in order to assist our workforce “We appreciate this funding.  It is an important first step towards addressing quality through a fairly compensated, highly-credentialed, stable workforce.  Our early educators and School Age workforce clearly  love their profession – make a difference each day in the lives of our young children – and deserve to be valued ”

EEC is targeting the November payment in December for the rate reserve, retro back to July 1st.