Legislative Commission Releases Report calling for Historic Investments in Early Education

The Special Legislative Commission on Early Education issued its final report and – as hoped – provides a roadmap for moving forward creating a sustainable system for your agency to operate. The Commission – chaired by Rep. Alice Peisch & Sen. Jason Lewis – recommends a $1.5 billion investment over the next several years to address program quality, our early educator & early education workforce, while assisting children and families to access care. Most importantly, the Commission seeks to make these investments prioritizing low-income and at-risk children as well as programs serving those children. To read the full report, please use the following link and scroll down to the April 13th Legislative Early Education Report and download the document https://malegislature.gov/Reports


The Commission’s Key Findings:


  • Licensed Capacity of the System           221,420 Children
  • Program License Capacity           83% Center-based, 17% FCC


  • Average early educator salary           $30,000
  • Early Educators Poverty Rate           15% (40% higher than average)


  • Subsidy-eligible Children in Massachusetts           279,000 under 50% SMI
  • Children receiving EEC Subsidy           48,000 (17% of eligible children)

Commission’s Key Recommendations. Significant investments in:

  • Early Education Programs
  • Early Educator Salaries
  • Funding Subsidy payment by Enrollment
  • Investing in Educator Benefits
  • Investing in state subsidy infrastructure
  • Creating greater Access to Early Education for low-income families